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Friday, August 30, 2013

The very mundane experiences of a recently paired-up woman

I now live in a big apartment complex in the suburbs, so far away from civilisation, that calling it the boondocks would be fair.  I see Aunties, Uncles and their kids all day. These aunties and uncles are probably only a few years older than me, but they seem like an era away from my age, their life and concerns. And the parents of the Aunties and Uncles, it is like being judged by a hundred different mothers and fathers-in-law, instead of just one pair.
I am teetering, neither where I was a few months ago, nor in my new neighbours’ spheres, where metal wheel versus rubber wheel durability on prams and correct use of the complex’s amphitheatre are the most debated topics. I couldn’t care less about these things. Yet, the things I do care about and want to participate in are all located far away inside the city where the people with less daily concerns live, because they  have no significant others, or because their significant others have the means and the interest to live inside the bustling city.
(Now, I can’t really blame the boy for wanting to try to live with nature and be one with the earth and all, given the fact that said boy has always lived in a city until now, a true city brat. So I feel that given a little time, boy will tire of having to drive to the grocery store instead of stepping into the one next door, or drive an hour just to catch a movie, or drive for 90 minutes to visit his cousins.)
(P.S : Not a word of the above to the boy :-) )

On a connected note, it is just short of miraculous to me how different are the things one starts caring about after one gets married. Like larger family dynamics, and who gets offended by what and what to do and what not to do when people from the other side visit. I mean, one starts caring about stuff one didn't have the slightest idea anyone would know or could care about. It is strange, this confluence of two different threads of life, and all the attached threads, coming together and trying hard not to choke any other threads off. 

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