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Thursday, September 20, 2012

God and cartoons

There are several cartoons and movies making fun of Jesus on the internet. In the United States, there are even mainstream publications that publish these cartoons, while the primary point of these cartoons is ridiculing the christian right, some of them do come across as ridiculing Jesus.
 My question is  - why is it okay for Jesus to be portrayed in insensitive cartoons and films and not Mohammad?
 We in the south of this country, India, have a strong presence of atheist movements and are used to God-bashing. There is even a Tamil poem that I heard as a child that goes something like this :

''Shiva kept Parvati in his heart,
Vishnu kept Lakshmi by his side,
Brahma kept Saraswati on his tongue,
Where would she pee and poop? Where? ''

Would my faith be any lesser just because some idiots are making fun of my God? Can't people just let these things go? And can't politicians stop trying to get mileage from these fundamentalists' protests and attacks on people who are just expressing their opinion, and crack down on them? While peaceful protests and even taking their case to the law is anyone's right, how is bombing embassies and killing alright? And why are the governments involved trying to pacify these religious hardliners thereby the terrorists groups they support instead of taking severe action against them?

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Arun said...

Accidentally stopped by the blog. Quite a nice one. could not help sharing my cent.

Faith itself is a delusion that had been churning the universe so long and each religion had enhanced it. Had these people who talk about gods, read the literature and gave a rationale thought, will yield to only one belief in the end that, whether god exists or not, faith alone exists.
Trying to find god is just like trying to understand whether the cat is alive or dead inside a box from quantum physics. Unless the box is opened, the cat is both alive and dead.