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Saturday, May 3, 2008

The great look-alike mystery: Javier and Jeffrey

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the hottie from Grey's Anatomy. I have been (and so have other Grey's fans) lusting after this dude ever since he began appearing as the doomed poor-heart character in the series. Awesome eye-candy. And when I saw the same face in the promos of No Country for Old Men, I assumed it was him till someone told me that the actor in the movie was a Spanish actor named Javier Bardem. And seeing Jeff Dean Morgan in PS I Love You, reinforced my strong opinion that these two dudes are somehow related, if they are not twins seperated at birth ( like in a cheesy predictable flick plot line). Some ancestor somewhere has given them the same jaw and the same delectabe, dimple-showing smile. If Jeff was made to wear dark contacts, there would be no telling them apart, I think.

And you know another thing, where they are related are not, God - Well done! for producing not one, but two such fine specimens for us poor women to drool at :)

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