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Monday, January 14, 2008

Who writes blogs?

First post.


What wordly wise words does one put on the internet when one finally overcomes their reluctance and starts to blog ? I cannot find those words, the ones that leave the reader flabbergasted, shocked or atleast amused.

Usually, people have to stop me from shooting out of my mouth. I talk too much. My foot should have been partially digested by now, with the amount of time it spends in my mouth.

I always thought that blogs were for people who dont get to write professionally. Superior writing skills dont belong in a blog, I once thought. (Not that my prose skills are superior, but they are decent) They belong where people pay to read them, in papers, mags or books. But I see the error of my ways now. See, I actually got a writing job, where I get paid to write. But, it comes with a catch. ( What doesn't, these days?) One cannot always write what one wants when one actually gets paid to write what the boss wants....but more about the boss later, when the ethanol levels tell me to chuck - what if my boss happens upon my blog?- caution.

But here, one can write what they want. Curse the world, the president, the congress, umpires who should be sacked, the BJP, DMK, AIADMK or whoever else that needs cursing. One can declare love, hate, friendship, resolutions and whatever emotion that one needs to take off one's chest.....So, now I have embraced Blogion(Blog+religion, get it?)

So, adios, till I decide what I want to actually write here,


Therefore I Am said...

Atleast you've made a start. Congratulations. And change that description of yourself. So-so looking indeed!

Comment moderation may not be such a great idea, but that's your call.

P.S. I really don't think there's anything like a blogion. It's just a weird word :)

reall??come onnnn...gimme a break u bloggers!!! said...

to say the fr&^%* least my dear sister....... OHhhh MYYY GOD!!!!!(think janice!!)